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Our commitment to you during the coronavirus crisis.

Our commitment to you during the coronavirus crisis.

As you will know from media reports, coronavirus (COVID-19) has been reported in many cities around the world in recent months. Local, national and international health authorities are actively engaged in monitoring the spread of the virus and providing updates and recommendations to individuals and companies. In Germany and many other European countries, the recommendation is to reduce social contact to an absolute minimum.

Despite this challenging times, Top of the List’s virtual working set-up, means we are prepared to deal with situations like this. Many of our associates work from other locations and our clients, are used to working with us remotely.

We are open for business

Top of the List is committed to the continuity of all our services. We are fully available to our clients and continue working on new and ongoing projects uninterrupted.

We wish you and all your loved ones well and to stay as positive as possible in this period of escalated concern.

Kind regards,

Paloma Gutierrez Keever

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