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4 of the Best Law Firm Instagram Accounts

4 of the Best Law Firm Instagram Accounts

Over 25% of law firms already use Instagram for marketing purposes—how do you stand out from the crowd and showcase your law firm through the platform? Take inspiration from our favourite 4 law firm Instagram accounts.


DLA Piper’s Instagram account oozes personality. The firm uses Instagram to show why it’s among the world’s largest and most successful law firms—its impressive workplace culture. Unsurprisingly, pictures of fun activities including baseball games for summer associates have over 80 likes per post.

Despite being a huge global presence, DLA Piper isn’t complacent. Employee satisfaction is the message behind this account, which is crucial to attracting new talent. 


If there’s one word to describe the Cuatrecasas Instagram account, it’s “diverse”. This account is everything that a multipurpose social media profile should be—engaging, informative, and professional.

By combining videos, photos, and blog posts, the Spanish multinational demonstrates its commitment to serving the wider community, which makes prospective clients feel like they’re getting to know the lawyers behind it all. This approach works—the account has over 3,400 followers.


This multinational law firm knows that there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to marketing. They use numerous Instagram accounts to target specific audiences—in this case, graduate talent.

Now with over 2,250 followers, the Hogan Lovells Grads UK account is a great example of marketing with a very clear purpose. It’s the perfect blend of professionalism, personality, and authenticity, and it combines videos, captions, and photos to highlight:

  • How much the firm values its employees
  • The potential for career development—ambitious young graduates care about this


The team at Norton Rose Fulbright, a multinational firm, know that Instagram is perfect for building a visual content strategy. They’ve embraced the possibilities and developed a highly unique marketing angle based on hashtags and photography. 

Norton Rose Fulbright doesn’t use Instagram to promote its services. Instead, the firm promotes its global reach by showcasing photographs taken by its lawyers across the world using the hashtag #lawaroundtheworld. From Arizona to Venice, audiences get a real sense of the firm’s international presence and culture, and they now have 1,800+ followers. 


While there’s no standard approach to law firm marketing on Instagram, the best accounts have two things in common: they showcase what makes the firm unique, and they use highly visual content to keep their audiences engaged.   

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