Business Development

Discover new revenue streams for your firm.

business development consultant

Business Development

We will help you to strategically explore and pursue new opportunities for your law firm. This can include building new relationships, presenting your firm and services to new audiences as well as leveraging relationships with existing clients. It might involve geographic expansion or launching a new practice area in your firm.

Benefits for you

Find the best networking events for your firm and for your potential clients. Will most of your clients come from referrals? Or will they come from in-house? We attend events on your behalf, gather leads and do all the follow up for you.

We help you research and select the best events and conference for your firm and maximise your attendance. For example by lining-up meetings with delegates, promoting the event on social media, sponsoring the event and more. 

Collaborating with other lawyers with complementary practice areas, introducing your firm to international law firms who may refer work to you. 

Ensure that former and current clients refer your firm to new clients. We audit and improve your client experience with your firm to become client-centered. The goal is to develop strong client relationships, both during and after the work is done.  

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