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Chambers and Partners quick introduction

Chambers and Partners quick introduction

Most law firms are aware of Chambers and Partners but for those who don’t here is a quick snapshot.

They are based in the UK and have been around for nearly 30 years and cover 185 jurisdictions. It is difficult to ascertain how many people consult Chambers because the figures are not public. Based on feedback from law firms I would say they are on the top five most-read directories.

What do they do? They carry out a rigorous research of lawyers and law firms in different markets. They gather all this information, analyse it and publish regional and country guides. For example, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, USA, Canada and UK guides. They also publish the Chambers Global Guide which includes all the jurisdictions from the regional or country guides but with the difference that the guide focuses on the international skills of the firm. This means the ability of the firm to carry out cross-country work.

My experience personal with the directory has been extremely positive. The editorial team is incredibly responsive and accommodating. They are always available and respond to your calls and emails (give them a few days). Even if you are a new smaller firm, they will take the time to speak to you. Their researchers and editors travel an awful lot and attend the most important legal conferences, so you can easily catch up with them when they visit your country.

While I don’t have anything negative to say, I have heard some lawyers complain that the ranking is obsolete. Some feel the ranking is made of the firms that were doing the best deals in the 90s and it doesn’t provide a current picture of the firms involve in the most important deals right now. Having said that, I think the editorial team is constantly striving to make sure their raking reflects the current legal market of every country.

To make a submission to Chambers and Partners you need to fill in their form. Bear in mind their deadlines and methodology to make sure your submission is strong. Also, read the practice area definition provided because not all practice areas are available for all jurisdictions. For this reason, is important to understand how Chambers defines each practice area.

Not sure if you should submit? Have a look at the firms that are currently ranked in your country and if you think you are doing similar work then you should submit. It doesn’t matter how big or how new your firm is.

If you need help submitting or need someone to review your process and submissions get in touch. We can help your firm.

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