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Boutique law firms in legal directories

Should boutique law firms bother with legal directories?

A boutique law firm asked me whether they had any chance of being ranked in legal directories if they serve many small clients but not many large corporations.

The answer is: YES. Let me explain.

Each directory is a bit different but in general terms, I would say they look at the following:

✔️ the team (partners and associates)

✔️the complexity of the case (as proof of the team’s skills)

✔️client service (from referees)

✔️consistent growth (returning and new clients)

✔️deal value

I don’t think it matters if your clients are large/small companies or how much work you do for them. As a boutique law firm, you are specialised in a particular practice area and can provide personalised service to your clientele. These are two important advantages that you have over large law firms.

Don’t worry about the size of your clients and rather highlight the quality of your work in your submission.

If you need help entering legal directories for the first time or improving your position. Our team will be happy to help.

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